Q1. Is BuyQG portal for adult cakes only?

Ans. BuyQG web portal is primarily for adult cakes but may also contain all types of cakes. This is however a one stop location for adult bachelor and bachelorette cakes.

Q3. What is the quality of cakes on BuyQG?

Ans. The quality of cakes or the material used and the process is excellent and this is the best that is possible that we deliver that is why we are known as best in the market. We are also best form health viewpoint of the eatables.

Q5. What is privacy of the delivery service?

Ans. Delivery is only to the relevant address and the delivery person has nothing to do but deliver the stuff and nothing else.

Q7. Can I give my own design for cakes to BuyQG?

Ans. Yes. As BuyQG is only premium cakes site BuyQG will try to prepare cake of specified design for all our elite customers on prior booking. The decision on the design if it can be used by us will be intimated to you the soonest possible.

Q2. Are there other products apart from cakes on this site?

Ans. There are flowers, bouquet, teddy and other party accessories available on this site.

Q4. What other products can we also find apart from party items on BuyQG?

Ans. One can also find adult accessories like toys and other sophisticated stuff for the elite on BuyQG according to the modern fashion.

Q6. How soon can I order deliver of stuff on BuyQG site?

Ans. One can book at any time and we will get it delivered at the shortest time or the time asked for. Apart from other stuff, adult cakes need to be prepared and take time hence it is advisable to book them at least 1 day prior intended delivery so that they can be prepared and delivered even if not in stock.

Q8. How can I contact BuyQG customer care?

Ans. Call or WhatsApp the number on site contact.


Q 9. How can I place an order on buyQG site online?

Ans. You may place your order on our site in the following easy steps:

  1. Select the product and click add to cart which will add the desired product to your cart
  2. Register with BuyQG by clicking account button on top right corner clicking Sign Up. While signing up fill all the fields and relevant information. By default discounts will be added and you have to do nothing. In case of any discount coupons or schemes you may get another field, if any.
  • Then you may click the shopping cart option at the extreme right of the page
  1. You may continue shopping or click check out button and proceed with steps further.
  2. Furnish email address, phone number, delivery address along with payment details as applicable and finally ‘place order’.
  3. After order placement you will get confirmation on screen as well as on email and we cil contact you on phone as well for delivery.
  • Wait for the order delivery
  • In case of need contact customer care with details given on our address


Q  10. Is it possible to take multiple products outright?

Ans. You may add multiple products in your cart and place the order, this way you may be able to save money on delivery charges.


Q 11. Will I be able to add products in Cart and continue further as and when I need it?

Ans. You may be able to add products to your cart and log in again and continue form there. You need to check the price rates as they will be delivered on the basis of real time price rates.


Q 12. Is it necessary for me to have an account on BuyQG to make purchase orders?

Ans. Yes, as without account details we will not be able to trace the purchaser for delivery and payment.

You may get the following facilities with a BuyQG account:

  • Discount coupons from time to time on availability
  • Extra facilities as an old customer
  • Rating and reviewing the products available with us
  • Demanding new products to be listed with us for sale
  • Place suggestions to make our services better to suit your needs.
  • You may not need to fill all your details next time you log in to our portal
  • Send referrals and earn commission when ever available
  • Apart for the above there are many other facilities


Q 13. If a product is out of stock on BuyQG what can I do?

Ans. If a product is out of stock you need to wait until it is available again. Then you may pace the order if it is again available for sale.

A notification option may be available which will enable you to know when the product becomes available in case you are a registered user with BuyQG.


Q  14. What to do if I have a pre-order query?

Ans. You may place your query at the option below the products page or may contact customer care.


Q  15. What to do if I wish to purchase bulk orders?

Ans. You may contact customer care in case you wish to purchase more than 5 pieces of any product


Q 16. What do I need to do if I wish to change the order I placed?

Ans. You may not be able to change the order you have already placed but may cancel and re-order according to the terms and conditions of the product.


Q 17. What to do in case I face problems while logging in BuyQG?

Ans. You may refresh your page, check your internet connection, clear cookies. Still if you face any problems you may contact our customer care.



Q 1. How can I make payment for my purchases on BuyQG?

BuyQG offers you several easy to use payment options. You name it and we have it:


1.     Debit and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Rupay)

2.     Net banking (with over 25+ banks)

3.     Cash on Delivery/ Pay On Delivery (Swipe Machine unavailable)

4.     Wallet options from Paytm, Mobikwik, Ola Money Postpaid. BuyQG keeps adding more as and when available.

5.     UPI- BHIM UPI, Paytm UPI & Google Pay


Q 2. Why are Shipping/COD charges applicable on my order on BuyQG at times?

Ans. Shipping and COD may be applicable at places as there are different costs at different places, we try not to charge for delivery extra and include it in costs as our policy is minimal profiteering, yet there may be circumstances when we need to charge to keep things going.


Q 3. Is it safe to use Credit or Debit cards with BuyQG along with other payment apps?

Ans. It is totally safe on BuyQG to use any  payment method as the method is applied by the service provider of the payment services.


Q 4. Does BuyQG help preventing Payment frauds?

Ans. BuyQG supports our customers on every count possible by al legal means and beyond. Customers are of paramount significance to us.


Q 5. How can I se add or remove a card for payment?

And. BuyQG follows standardized procedure so you may need to follow the generalized standards.


Q 6. What is cash on Delivery (COD) at BuyQG?

Ans. Cash on delivery is also referred to as collect on delivery since delivery may allow for cash, cheque or electronic payment.

Q 7. How can I get COD facility with BuyQG?

Ans. You choose the payment method as COD you get it.


Q 8. Does BuyQG have any hidden charges?

Ans. BuyQG does not have any hidden charges. If any unforeseen charges crop up they will be intimated to you before delivery and only then if you agree you will be charged.


Q 9. What are he BuyQG terms and conditions for applying rebate coupons?

Ans. BuyQg mentions the terms and conditions for the coupon applicability. However, most coupons are non-transferable.


Q 10. What can I do in case of payment failure?

Ans. In case of payment failure contact the payment services provider. In case our help I needed please contact us.
















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